Liza sticks to the food bowl

We have now tried a few food manufacturers and finally ended up with Anifit because of a detailed review in a blog and what can I say?
Our husky dog Liza loves it!

The main reason for the switch was her almost chronic ear infections and being a little underweight.
The vet therefore recommended switching to slightly more unusual meat sources, i.e. away from chicken and beef, in case that was the cause of the ear infection.

You don't find too many manufacturers who can offer a varied diet, but Anifit manages this.
Rabbit, salmon, turkey, venison, goat, horse, what more could you want?

Our mouse definitely loves the food and can't get away from the bowl.
She used to always leave leftovers in her bowl, but since we started ordering from Anifit she eats it all, she just loves it!

Even the changeover, which is always a bit of a headache, went well.
There were no problems at all, even though Liza has a rather sensitive stomach.
I can't yet say whether the ear infections are due to an intolerance, but at least the underweight issue has been completely resolved, which alone was worth it.

I think we have found our final food supplier

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